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KROMAIA Is Now On Steam, PlayStation Store, Gog and Amazon!

Kromaia Is Now On Steam, PlayStation Store, Gog and Amazon!

"This one’s a "Shut up and buy it!"game of the highest order, especially if you’re a fan of any sort of arcade shmup and are looking for a great, great-looking and highly challenging game with a ton of replay value."
Fanboy Destroy

"Kromaia is a pure arcade shooter with six degrees of freedom, and while it doesn’t have a lot of company in its genre it does a great job of showing off what’s possible when you really start playing with true 3D action."
Hardcore Gamer

"Kromaia is a thrilling game and an impressive development feat considering it was created by just two people. If you’re missing something in your life that provides a hectic amalgamation of color, celerity and combat, then look no further."
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"Kromaia has the fluidity and freedom of a 6DoF shooter like Descent or Terminal Velocity, a beautifully strange and otherworldly setting like Rez, the score-chasing arcade high of a classic rail- shooter like Galaxy Force II, all with incredibly creative and wildly original enemy ship designs unseen since the forgotten PSX gem Omega Boost."

"Kromaia is one of the best releases of 2014. It's a hidden gem here on Steam. Buy it."

"Extremely addicting, challenging and fun to play spaceship tron style shooter."

"Kromaia is a blast, and unlike anything else around at the moment."
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KROMAIA is a six degrees of freedom adventure shooter which takes action, speed, agility and immersion to a new level. Insane enemy patterns and swarms, giant god-like guardians, ancient temples, contraptions and treasures, visual ecstasy... All in a vast and unexplored universe only ruled by physic laws. What if the coin-op machines golden age started today, adding complex maneuverability abilities, encouraging spatial awareness, as well as an A.I. adapting to the way you play? Here is the chance to know.



Kromaia takes place in a multiverse and tells the story of a stranded soul who awakens in a weird shrine, finding itself sealed inside a mechanical unit. Having no memories at all, it must make its way in search for answers, in a world of forgotten devices and hostile creatures, while a somehow familiar voice within claims to know its mind better than itself.



Is it still possible to make something different set in outer space? We do think so. For that reason, you will not find in Kromaia slow movement, ships maneuvering like planes or boats, nor endless steering pursuits in circles, but a completely different approach. Our navigation system is entirely driven by physical forces, a different set of thrusters is arranged for each ship in order to maximize maneuverability: Fluid displacement for novices and, for experts, impossible turns and extreme dodging, combined with a powerful multidirectional boost system that allows moving over the real speed of sound in any way you can imagine.

Forget all the vehicles you have already controlled like aircrafts, rockets, choppers or traditional spaceships, think of all of their capabilities available at the same time at the tip of your fingers. Besides, Kromaia features a special kind of emergent gameplay: Here we will use the word "procedural" for something different than just randomly generated worlds. The advanced A.I. system in Kromaia uses physical parameters and a sophisticated prediction model to adapt units speed, attacks, flocking and smart group formations to the actions you take during your quest. The results: the game experience is different every time depending on the way you play.



  • Experience one of the fastest and most agile gameplays to date
  • Interact with hundreds of physical objects, like asteroids, structures and devices, and fight dozens of enemies at once
  • Believable and destructible world with its own rules and physic laws
  • Unique graphical appearance, gameplay and immersive experience
  • Artificial intelligence based on independent simple brains that cooperate creating emergent behaviours
  • Different selectable ships with unique weapons and capabilities
  • Moddable content using plain text (XML) including levels, objects, weapons, player and AI units...
  • Several playing modes for every kind of player: Score Attack (arcade), Story Mode (adventure) and more on the way...


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